Wardrobe of Love Poem

Wardrobe of Love Poem

Wardrobe of Love by Vilia Y Reynolds

In the Wardrobe of Love, where all virtues reside,
There lies a garment, our constant guide.
It's woven with threads of compassion and care,
A garment of love we should always wear.

No matter the season, no matter the weather,
Love is the fabric that holds us together.
In times of hardship and moments of strife,
Love is the beacon that brings healing to life.

With love as our armour, we're strong and secure,
It shields us from hatred, making hearts pure.
Through empathy and kindness, we show the way,
Wearing love as our garment, day after day.

For love is the language that bridges all gaps,
It unites us as one, erasing all traps.
In the Wardrobe of Love, let us choose with intent,
To wear love always, wherever we're sent.

So let love be our attire, our all-purpose dress,
A garment of warmth, bringing peace and finesse.
In the Wardrobe of Love, may we never be without,
For love is the key to dispelling all doubt.

In the Wardrobe of Love, let love be our style,
A fashion that never goes out of vogue or trial.
Through every encounter, let kindness prevail,
For love's boundless power can never fail.

Let us wear love as courage when facing our fears,
And as grace in times of joy, wiping away tears.
With love as our compass, we'll navigate through strife,
Guided by compassion, transforming lives with each life.

In the Wardrobe of Love, let forgiveness be our cloak,
Embracing its warmth, releasing grudges revoked.
For in forgiving, we set ourselves free,
Opening our hearts to the beauty that love can be.

Let us done love's robe, woven with threads of respect,
Embracing all differences, with no judgment unchecked.
With love as our emblem, united we stand,
Celebrating diversity, hand in hand.

In the Wardrobe of Love, let humility shine,
A garment so humble, yet truly divine.
With a servant's heart, we lift others up high,
Empowering their journey, as love takes us nigh.

So let us adorn ourselves with love, our all-purpose attire,
Igniting the world with its transformative fire.
In the Wardrobe of Love, may we always be found,
Wearing love as our calling, making love renowned.

For love is the essence, the purpose, the goal,
To wear it, embody it, is to make ourselves whole.
In the Wardrobe of Love, let us forever be,
Cloaked in its radiance, for love sets us free.

V.Y.R Behavioural Consulting

V.Y.R Behavioural Consulting

Hi, I am Vilia Y Reynolds, a Professional Learning Development Trauma Practitioner specialising in trauma coaching and commonly referred to as a Trauma Life Coach. I am a Certified Trauma Incident Reduction Facilitator (TIRF) and a registered member of the Professional Excellence Team of Trauma Practitioners of TIRA and TIRA-SA.

I have over 40 years of experience in learning and development. I have honed my expertise in guiding individuals towards healing and growth. My unique therapeutic approach, the Wardrobe of Love Life-Coaching Model® WoL™, blends multiple techniques from Applied Metapsychology to support individuals on their transformative journeys. My dedication to continuous learning and development ensures I remain at the forefront of trauma education and life coaching knowledge. Based on principles of compassion and proficiency, I provide a safe space for individuals to address trauma, reduce life stress, and unlock their true potential, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.


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